[Picture of Kent]
Kent M. Pitman, President

Kent Pitman has been involved in the design, implementation, standardization, and use of Lisp and Scheme systems since 1978. Kent was Project Editor for ANSI Common Lisp and ISO ISLISP, and co-author of several of the Revised Reports on Scheme, and has numerous other technical and non-technical writings to his credit. Kent has also collaborated on a number of research and business applications, including, but not limited to: MACSYMA (MIT and Symbolics), the Programmer’s Apprentice (MIT), the Knowledge Engineer’s Assistant (Open University), Genera (Symbolics), WebMaker (Harlequin), and the Video Investigator (IntelliVid).

For more information about Kent, see his personal web site.

[Picture of Nancy]
Nancy J. Howard, Vice President

Nancy Howard began her career by training in vocal performance at Eastman School of Music, before moving to Boston University, where she earned a Bachelor of Liberal Studies, with honors, in Interdisciplinary Studies. Her course of study at BU included concentrations in journalism and psychology, as well as photography and film study. She completed the Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Speaking, receiving a Human Relations Award. She has extensive experience in and knowledge of print publishing and its associated conventions and practices, having worked with numerous major publishing houses on a variety of projects from proofreading to editing to art creation and placement to general book design and compositing. It would be quite surprising if there was no book in her portfolio with which you were personally familiar. Nancy is experienced with both the Quark and Adobe line of publishing tools, on both the Mac and the PC.

Other staff? HyperMeta is able to draw upon the talents of highly skilled associates on an as-needed basis. So whether it’s programming, web site design and hosting, or the layout of printed material, don’t worry that your needs might overflow HyperMeta’s apparent capacity at any given time, or that you might require additional specialized expertise. We can adapt to accommodate. That’s how business is done these days.


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